Felix Sanchez-The Eastside is where I learned to fight and overcome obstacles

Felix Sanchez

The East End, that’s what I call the east side of Los Angeles. It is a lovely place where we learn both American and Mexican perspectives. I used to want to leave, move out of the east end, but when there was no jobs around the area and left to Duarte I learned to appreciate the east end a lot. Working with some people that were privileged and them having negative thoughts of Los Angeles I really loved telling them where I was from and how it was. I even brought a coworker to a Halloween party he loved it and said there was no fun like this up in the mountains of Monrovia Azusa, the San Gabriel Valley.

I  was always into the British sub-culture and learned and read about the working class movement in  London’s East End. The East End had similar issues as of Boyle Heights and East LA. I love it more now than ever since it is where I learned to fight and overcome obstacles. Like a well known  lyric of a corrido from Noel Torres says

“Nací haya en un barrio de Los Ángeles
con muchas ganas de salir adelante
en las calles aprendí sobre la vida
aprendí a ganarme el pan de cada día”

This is my home even if I ever move one day. I plan to give back to my community. I want young people in East L.A to have more opportunities than I had. I want to give them the knowledge that they can go anywhere, and that other cultures are alike. We have to have a open mind, to move forward, and dream away. My years at Roosevelt before transferring the last year I was just heading out exploring Los Angeles and seeing the wonders and learning from what I saw and heard around me.


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