Jeannette Reynaga- I will always love the Eastside


It was love at first sight … or a lot like it!

My earliest memory of the Eastside is grounded on frequent visits to a famous hub in the Eastside for all things delicious and culturally vibrant: “El Mercadito!” I remember as a kid taking trips from Southeast LA, where I grew up, to what I thought was a far away world to enjoy mouth-watering food and live music from the mariachi or banda of the night.

Of course, I didn’t grow up learning that Eastside students walked out in the 60’s demanding a better quality education or that Cesar Chavez Avenue was formerly Brooklyn Avenue. But, as an adult, it didn’t take me very long to hold a permanent special place in my heart for the Eastside.

What I love most about the Eastside is that it is a living and thriving example of RESILIENCE and COURAGE.

On the outside, the societal challenges that Eastsiders face are very obvious. But, on the inside, there exists a beautiful community comprised of the strongest, most-hardworking, FIGHTERS I’ve EVER met in my life! You cannot avoid, you cannot ignore, you cannot silence these folks. And, every day, I have the privilege of feeding my soul with this strength and love that drives my own personal passion for social justice.

However far away,
However long I stay,

I will always love you, Eastside!


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